Monday, March 31, 2008

Frugal Lee's Shopping Moratorium

Well, it’s Day 91 of my enforced shopping moratorium. Three months of no DSW! No Macy’s! No Ann Taylor! No Eileen Fisher outlet! Somehow, I’ve managed to survive.

After a Christmas season of … “One gift for you. Two for me,” I decided to call a stop to shopping for one year. No new clothes for all of 2008. Well, with a few exceptions. New underwear is OK for obvious reasons. And new sporting gear, too. After all, if I can’t shop, I have to relieve stress somehow and the gym has become the place to go for that. Besides, I’m training for a triathlon so I need cool bike stuff and cool swimming stuff and cool running gear, too.

Need being the operative word, I suppose. Time was I needed that new pair of black suede pumps and that cute red cashmere wrap sweater. But I’m starting to realize, in this grim economy, I need to be able to sleep at night, too. That means what I really need is a nice juicy nest egg. The only way to get that, of course, is to stop spending and start saving.

Have I been perfect in my 91 days of no shopping. Well, I slipped up once when I was invited to one of those at-home jewelry parties. It seemed rude to scarf down the chocolate covered strawberries and pesto brie and not buy something. Besides, does jewelry count? I promised myself I wouldn’t buy clothes. A necklace, while something you wear, is not technically an item of clothing. Is it? You really think so?

OK, so I cheated. But only once and now I’m back on the wagon. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going …

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